HVM ASME, PED & CRN Adsorber and Carbon Filter Vessels

Houston Vessel Manufacturing is capable of design and fabrication of Adsorber and Carbon Filter Vessels to customers exact specifications. We offer certification to ASME, PED, CRN, and Third Party Certifications, i.e. ABS, DNV, BV, etc.

Adsorber vessels are designed to dissolve high concentrations of gaseous components into liquids. HVM's engineers can customize adsorber vessels to your project specifications no matter what liquid and gas concentrations your application requires.

Activated carbon adsorption is an effective technology for removal of contaminants from both air and liquids. HVM can fabricate and manufacture activated carbon adsorption filters and vessels a variety of applications.

Here are some HVM offerings.

  • Standard or Custom Design.
  • Verticals with Legs or Skirts.
  • Flanged and/or NPT Couplings.
  • ASME. ABS and/or PED.
  • External and/or Internal Coated to your needs.
  • Available in Carbon or Stainless.
  • Custom Internals.
  • Pressures to 10,000 psi.